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Holiday Poinsettia Care and beyond

This beautiful and iconic holiday plant has tropical roots. Get tips on keeping your poinsettia looking its best all year.

Perhaps no flower represents the winter holidays like the poinsettia. But these festive plants, which range from the traditional red to pale yellow, can be a mystery when it comes to care and maintenance.

In our Northern climate, just getting them home from the greenhouse can be a challenge. It is recommended that the entire plant be placed into a plastic bag and to blow warm air into before tying up the bag. Also, make sure that your vehicle is warm as well so that the plant does not suffer cold shock prior to getting home.

Warm Poinsettias with lots of Sunlight

Provide lots of sunlight – a sunny windows with a east, west or southern exposure is best. Try to keep the temperature in your home between 65° and 70° degrees during the day. Keep in mind that a drafty window and be a lot cooler than the rest of the room. Do not allow you plant to touch a cold window as they may drop off. At night, the will tolerate a slightly lower temperature between 55° and 60° degrees. Avoid drastic drops in temperature.

Keep them Watered

When the surface of the soil feels dry, make sure to water. Give it a good watering but do not flood or soak it. Gravel in the bottom of pot will help keep the roots dry.

If you home is dry in winter, small humidifier or plant mister can help your plant stay hydrated.

Leaf Loss

If you plant starts to lose leaves, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is the plant near a cold window or cold draft?
  2. Is it too warm or dry in the room?
  3. Is the plant thirsty?

If the leaves wilt, and the soil gets dry to the touch, water your poinsettia right away. Wilting or dropping leaves can also be a sign of over watering. If the soil is soggy when the leaves fall, you’ve probably watered too much.

Rebloom your Poinsettia

Poinsettias can stay attractive for months. But it’s tricky to get them to rebloom.

To coax your plant back into bloom, let it dry out gradually starting in April. Water just enough to keep the stem from shriveling, and put the plant in a spot that stays about 60° degrees.

In mid-May, prune the stems to 4 inches high and repot the poinsettia in a slightly larger pot. Move it to a warm location with good light and resume watering. When new growth emerges, fertilize every two weeks with a complete fertilizer.

In July, pinch back the stems. Pinch again in mid-August. Poinsettias need 10 weeks of 12 hours or less of sunlight each day to show color.

For Christmas flowers, keep the plant in complete darkness from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily, starting around Oct 1st.

Christmas Poinsettia
Christmas Poinsettia
Pink Poinsettia